Supplement Spotlight: Jarrow's Greek Yogurtein

We have a new protein powder by Jarrow called Greek Yogurtein.  I wanted to write about it since it’s such a unique protein supplement.  It combines fast digesting whey protein with slow digesting micellar casein proteins for sustained energy and muscle building.

Whey protein is great after exercise since it gives an immediate (but short lived) boost to protein synthesis.  Casein (another milk protein) is slower to digest and be used by the body, which leads to a prolonged increase in amino acids and also reduces protein breakdown.  The micellar form of casein protein (which is the form in Jarrow’s Greek Yogurtein) has been shown in research to prevent muscle breakdown.  The micellar form of casein is also of significantly higher quality than conventional casein protein.

Since whey protein increases protein synthesis and casein protein reduces protein breakdown, they make a fantastic pairing for muscle health and growth.  All of us would benefit from building some extra muscle, since increasing muscle raises metabolism, helps to prevent osteoporosis, improves blood sugar control, and improves sleep.

The micellar casein protein in Jarrow’s Greek Yogurtein is also slowly digested, which means it stays in the stomach longer, which in turn helps a person to feel full and satisfied with less calories.

During the month of March, we’ll have Jarrow’s Greek Yogurtein on sale for 25% off.