Phosphatidyl Serine: An Amazing Supplement for Memory and Brain Function for All Ages

Phosphatidyl Serine (also known as PS) is a fantastic, but little-known nutrient that supports memory and overall brain function.

PS has been extensively tested as a brain nutrient, having been put through numerous double-blind trials and hundreds of other human studies. Under this tough "gold standard" of human medical research, PS has been found to be measurably beneficial and extremely safe to use long term. PS improves key higher mental functions (memory, learning, comprehension, anxiety and coping with stress) and other factors such as mood and behavior that influence productivity and quality of life.

PS Supports Mental Performance and Memory

In clinical trials, using PS as a dietary supplement has improved the quality and enjoyment of life for subjects of all ages. The earlier double blind trials were done with volunteers over the age of 50, but in recent years there have been many research studies with people younger than 50, including college students and children. The findings from the trials were consistent: PS improved a great variety of brain functions in people of all ages, and without side effects.

Several of the trials found that PS slows memory and other cognitive decline in the over 50 population. For middle-aged people (ages 50-65), in the studies PS scored statistically significant benefits for memory, learning, concentration and word recall. People over 65, including some with bad memory problems, experienced measurable improvement in brain energy utilization.

In another of the research studies, doctors studied healthy people whose memory tested abnormally poor for their age. They found that PS was able in some cases to restore up to 12 years worth of memory and other cognitive functions. The researchers concluded PS may have actually "turned back the clock" on brain aging.

Yet another study was done on people with memory problems so severe their productivity was impaired. PS also improved memory in this population. A subgroup that was less severely impaired benefited more from PS.  The earlier an individual can be started on PS, the better their chances for a stabilization or reversal of their memory problems.

Benefits to Mood, Focus, and Stress Management

In addition to its proven benefits for memory, learning, comprehension (as well as other higher-level cognitive functions), PS can benefit mood control and stress management.

In two double-blind trials on people over 60, PS improved measures of mood, including "the winter blues," as well as anxiety, irritability and sociability. Human and animal studies suggest PS is not changing neurotransmitter levels, but instead increases the sensitivity of the receptors in nerve cell membranes.

While most PS research has focused on its use for memory in older persons, there is a growing body of evidence that PS is helpful for people of all ages.  British researchers have published a double-blind trial that demonstrated PS can benefit young, healthy people- University students in their early twenties received PS or a placebo for 10 days and then were made to do challenging arithmetic in their heads without the aid of calculators. The students who had reported a tendency to become anxious reported improved mood and self-confidence from taking PS.

In another study, young, healthy golfers were tested for their driving accuracy after taking PS (or a placebo) for six weeks. Statistical analysis of the 20 drives by each subject determined that their accuracy was improved from taking PS. Many of them reported more calmness while on the course, after six weeks on 200 mg per day of PS.

Studies with PS for Children

In a study with children with attention and behavior problem, each child received PS at 200 or 300 mg per day, depending on body size, for up to four months. Out of the total 31 children who received PS, 28 showed marked improvement. Attention, concentration, learning, and behavior all improved.  Other studies have found that PS can dramatically help children with ADD/ADHD.  We have a chewable PS supplement available at the store from Jarrow that is perfect for children.

PS is a Safe and Effective Brain Tune-up

With an amazing safety record and well-documented brain benefits, taking PS is a valuable option for people worried about declining memory, or simply for those wanting a mental tune-up. For the individual wanting the best results, paying close attention to diet, getting physical exercise, and keeping the brain busy ("use it or lose it")—all are important in order to ensure the most benefit from PS.  For adults it is usually helpful to begin with a dose of 300mg. per day.  After a time, many people find they can reduce their daily dose over time and still retain the benefits from the higher dose.