Stay Healthy This Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season, but unfortunately, it often brings with it the beginnings of cold and flu season, and because of that, it’s a great time to start a preventative immune-boosting regimen.

There are so many supplements that can be beneficial to the immune system, both preventatively and if you do happen to get sick, to help you to get better sooner.

Here is a great overview of past articles from our website on a variety of science-backed immune-boosting supplements:

  • Olive leaf is also great for the immune system, plus it lowers blood pressure.

  • Aged garlic extract is wonderful for the immune system, and also helps with cardiovascular health as well as lowering blood pressure.

  • Oregano oil and neti pots can be helpful for sinus infections or people prone to sinus issues.

  • Elderberry extract, also known as Sambucus, is an amazing antiviral, particularly against the flu. We have a new elderberry extract that we recommend- Nature’s Answer Sambucus. It’s the highest potency elderberry available. Elderberry is also safe for both kids and adults.

  • This is a helpful article for immune boosters that are safe for kids.

  • Quercetin is a great natural antihistamine that can also help with boosting the immune system, particularly for athletes.

  • This is a nice article that focuses on several different immune boosting supplements, particularly Vitamin D and mushroom extracts like beta glucan and AHCC.

  • Irwin Naturals Immuno Shield is another favorite since it’s a blend of a number of well-researched supplements that work to boost the immune system.  It can be used both preventatively or if you do happen to get sick to help to get better faster.  We also now having it for 25% off from now until the end of the year!