Supplement Spotlight: Quercetin

Quercetin is amazing.  It’s a flavanoid found in small amounts in fruits, vegetables, red wine and tea.  It’s most commonly known for its help during allergy season, but it can also be extremely useful during cold season.  Quercetin works as a natural anti-histimine and also helps with reducing inflammation. 

The runny nose and inflamed sinus passages we all experience during a cold are not the symptoms of the virus, but our body reacting to it.  New research has found that quercetin can help to reduce the inflammatory response of rhinovirus (the virus responsible for a good number of cold symptoms).  It also has been found in research to help to stop the damage that the cold virus has on the lining of the airways.  It’s been recommended as especially beneficial for persons with chronic lung problems.

Interestingly, it was found that quercetin not only just helped with symptoms, it was found in cell cultures to prevent the virus from replicating.  Another study done in Korea found that quercetin had a similar effect of stopping virus replication on the flu virus.

Another interesting benefit of quercetin is that it can help to prevent a lowered immune system after strenuous exercise, which is great news for endurance runners and other athletes on training regimens.


Quercetin is also a fantastic antioxidant, which has added benefits to cardiovascular health as well as cancer prevention.  It’s definitely a good supplement to have in your arsenal during the winter months!