A New Oral Probiotic for Stronger Teeth

We have an interesting new oral product that I wanted to mention since it’s really unique. It’s a new oral probiotic by Jarrow. Usually oral probiotics help with combating bad breath and mainting a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth (things I’m all for), but in addition to that, this new one by Jarrow actually has specific identified strains that have been shown in research to literally help preserve the health of tooth enamel and dentin (dentin is the sensitive layer underneath the enamel on our teeth). Years of chewing, grinding, and biting wears down our tooth enamel- the hard, protective layer on the outside of our teeth- so a new way to strengthen that enamel and prevent future loss is an amazing thing.

As someone who has struggled with dental issues, I’m super excited about this new probiotic since it’s the first I have ever seen that can actually help strengthen teeth. Jarrow’s probiotic is a lozenge, and you want to have it in your mouth for at least a good five minutes, either by just sucking on it like a peppermint (it’s actually peppermint flavored- ha!), or in between your gums and cheek. 

It’s recommended for adults or children over 3, since children younger than three are not likely to be able to follow the directions of keeping it in their mouth and not eating it right away. We definitely recommend trying it for maintaining a fresh, healthy, and strong mouth!