These are a few of our favorite things... Jarrow's Bone Up

This month’s Pass Favorite is from Margo.  Her pick is Bone Up from Jarrow.  She said she had gone for a bone scan and was diagnosed with osteopenia.  She had not been taking calcium regularly, but she switched to Bone Up and when she went back for another scan she was no longer diagnosed with osteopenia and her bone density was in the normal range.  We have also had a number of customers report increased bone density after supplementing with Bone Up.

We would say without reservation that Bone Up is the best calcium supplement on the market.  Calcium can be difficult for the body to absorb, but Jarrow’s Bone Up is a specialized, well absorbed form of calcium that is combined with a full complement of cofactors to help increase calcium absorption and bone density- including vitamin D, boron, vitamin K, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and more.  Bone Up used to only be available in a six a day formula, but has recently come out with a three a day capsule formula.  We really can’t recommend it enough for anyone who has problems with bone density or osteoporosis.