My Magic Mud Teeth Whitener

This stuff has to be seen to be believed for whitening teeth. It uses activated charcoal and bentonite clay, which help to deeply clean and remove toxins, and also whitens and polishes teeth. Results can begin to be seen after just one use, and it whitens more and more over time. Also, unlike most conventional tooth whiteners, it is gentle on tooth enamel and can even reduce tooth sensitivity.

Here’s their hilarious “How To” page. 

Using a jar of black powder to whiten your teeth seems a little weird, but it really is an amazing product! Look here for some pretty incredible reviews.

My Magic Mud is chemical free, fluoride free, gluten free, and vegan. One jar has enough for 150 uses. I’d very much recommend giving it a try! Sarah at the store has been using it and says that her teeth are definitely whiter, and also feel cleaner in the morning (the first few days she said she couldn’t stop licking her teeth with her tongue since they felt so clean, lol).

I’ve used it and really like it (though I have to admit, it gives your toothbrush a grayish tint, so you may want to hide your toothbrush when you have company over, haha).