These are a few of our favorite things.. Florajen 4 Kids

This month’s “Pass Favorite” is Florajen 4 Kids, Liz’s favorite.  She says she chose it because of how dramatically it had changed her children’s immune systems.  Both of her kids, Henry, age , and Lily, age , were always getting sick.  Her son would be on antibiotics a few times a year, and her daughter was having bouts of headaches and stomachaches a couple of times each week.  She says, “Once they starting taking it every day, I noticed how much less they were getting sick.  Lily rarely has stomachaches anymore, and only the occasional headache, and Henry has not been on antibiotics since.”

 Probiotics are wonderful for people of all ages, and help with digestion, allergies, and the immune system.  It’s a simple thing to take which is safe for everyone to take, including children and pregnant women, who often have limited choices for immunity supplements.   Florajen 4 Kids comes in capsules which can either be swallowed or sprinkled on top of cold foods.