Back to School Health Roundup

Kids are going back to school at the end of the month- I can’t believe summer has flown by so fast!  We have a number of fantastic articles on helpful supplements and recommendations for back to school on our web site; I’ll link a few below.

Back to School Supplements

Improving Children’s Concentration in School

Keeping Kids Healthy

This month, we’re having a back to school sale on Carlson’s Bubblegum Flavored Cod Liver Oil for Kids.  It’ll be on sale for 25% off during the month of August and with its purchase we’ll be offering a free insulated lunch bag (while supplies last- they’re really great).  I particularly like the Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil for Kids because the serving size is so small, just half a teaspoon to get 450mg of omega 3 fatty acids.  My daughter loves the taste of it.  If you'd like to have your kids try their cod liver oil, we will be having our Carlson Representative in the store on Saturday, August 8th from 10-1.

We also will have KAL’s Relax-a-Saurus on sale this month, which is featured in the Back to School Supplements article linked above.  It’s a wonderful supplement to help with reducing children’s anxiety while also improving focus.  It can be used during the day, or before bed to help with sleep (which can be helpful for kids who can’t seem to wind down at night).