New Product: Three Brains by Natural Factors

We have a new line of products by Natural Factors called Three Brains that I wanted to briefly mention in this month’s newsletter. They’re a unique line of products that can help all aspects of brain function that have a unique approach, formulated from research that has discovered an intricate relationship between the brain, the heart, and the digestive tract, which they’ve called the “Three Brains”. This research has confirmed what many natural health practitioners have known for a long time; that our bodies are wonderfully connected and must be treated as a whole for true wellness.

They have a kit, called 3 Brains Total, which includes five different products to help with supporting the complex relationship between our brain, heart, and digestive tract. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting the things your body really needs, especially during the holidays when we’re often under more stress than usual. The kit contains probiotics for digestive health and balance, fish oil and curcumin for reducing inflammation throughout the body, phosphatidylserine for memory and brain function, and grapeseed extract, a potent antioxidant. One pack gives you the total nutrients needed for one month, so December is a great time to try it since all our Three Brains Products are 25% off this month!

The Three Brains line also has targeted supplements for a variety of brain issues, including specific products for sleep, focus, inflammation, stress, and mood. The entire line is 25% off for December, and while supplies last, with any Three Brains product purchased you will receive a free book- Three Brains: How the Heart, Brain, and Gut Influence Mental Health and Identity by Karen Jensen, MD (a $20 value).