A Pass Favorite: Andalou Naturals Skincare Lines

We have a new line of facial products that I wanted to feature by Andalou Naturals.  What makes these different is that they are research-based products that use potent antioxidants and fruit stem cells to aid in cellular repair as well as significantly improving skin appearance and texture.

While many people will use different skin products from different companies, I wanted to mention the benefits of using a complete line targeted to your skin type.  The Andalou Naturals Skincare Lines I’ll mention below have each been in independently tested in a clinical testing which found over an 80% improvement in skin after using each of the skincare lines for 6 weeks.  Each of the Andalou Naturals products are made to improve and complement each other, so using them in a layered fashion can make an impressive difference in your skin, since their products enhance the effectiveness of each other.

There are four different complete color coded lines that we have available:

PURPLE for Aging and Dry Skin

The (Purple) Age Defying Line uses the antioxidant power of resveratrol and CoQ10 to increase cellular renewal and reduction in wrinkle depth. After 6 weeks, research found that participants experienced an 87% increase in skin elasticity.

ORANGE for Normal and Combination Skin

The (Orange) Brightening Line uses Vitamin C, Turmeric, and Sea Buckthorn to help to reduce hyper pigmentation from sun damage and acne scars and evens out skin tone. After 6 weeks, research found that participants experienced an 86% overall enhancement in skin tone and luminosity.

BLUE for Acne Prone and Oily Skin

The (Blue) Clarifying Line combined the calming and purifying ingredients of Willow Bark, Kombucha, and Cucumber to clear skin. After 6 weeks, research found that participants experienced an 83% overall improvement in their skin.

PINK for Sensitive and Reactive Skin

The (Pink) 1000 Roses Line is made specifically for people with extremely sensitive skin.  It’s formulated with rose stem cells and damask roses to soothe skin and increase skin’s resilience.  After 6 weeks, participants with easily irritated skin experienced zero irritation.