Hair Dye

A Pass Favorite: Herbatint Natural Hair Color

This month’s Pass Favorite is Herbatint Natural Hair Color
Sarah at the store uses Herbatint on a regular basis and she absolutely loves it.  She says it helps her hair to feel soft and smooth and not at all "straw-like" (as it did when she used conventional hair dye at the grocery store).  It doesn’t fade, and she gets many compliments on the color (she uses 5M). 
Herbatint is nice because it is completely natural and ammonia free.  Another bonus is that if you have short hair, the rest of the bottle can be saved for another use.  Sarah has shoulder length hair and she says a box usually lasts her two uses for coloring her hair.
I have another friend who swears by Herbatint hair color, but she actually brings the box to her hair dresser for her to use instead of the chemical laden hair dyes at the salon.  There are actually a number of our customers who do the same thing.  Herbatint is nice and gentle and doesn’t smell like chemicals (I remember back in the day when I would color my hair, I hated the chemical smell that seemed to linger on my hair for days).  
Herbatint also has a fantastic treatment conditioner called Royal Cream- it’s actually the same as the conditioner found in the hair color, that’s available now in a regular size bottle for sale on its own.  Both Sarah and I are crazy about it, it really keeps colored hair in good condition (I don’t color my hair, but I still like it anyway as a fantastic conditioning treatment).
Since we’re featuring Herbatint in our April newsletter, we’re going to have it on sale for 25% off for the whole month.  If you color your hair, it’s an easy change you can make for the benefit of not only yourself (removing toxins from your life is always a good thing) but for the Earth!