Single Serving Sugar Free Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free)

You can put this recipe together quicker than the time it takes to heat the water.  It’s delicious and really hits the spot on a cold night, plus this recipe uses cacao (raw cocoa powder) which is full of antioxidants!


3 tbs. soy milk powder (or regular dry milk powder)

2 tsp. Navitas cacao powder* (or cocoa powder)    

2 packets NuNaturals Stevia

1/8 tsp. salt

1 cup hot water

Optional:  Dandies vegan marshmallows 

Optional:  1 tsp. sugar 

Combine all ingredients in a large mug, add hot water and mix together.  I found I needed to use a whisk since the soy milk powder has a tendency to clump.  Whisking the hot chocolate also makes it creamy and foamy, even better!

I really like NuNaturals stevia for this; I think it’s the best tasting stevia I’ve tried.


*Cacao powder is raw cocoa powder, and it full of antioxidants.  Here is a great article on some of its benefits.



  • If you want to make it even better, top it with a couple Dandies vegan marshmallows.
  • I also added an option to add a teaspoon of sugar.  Drinks sweetened with stevia alone are good, but when you add a small amount of sugar, it really gets rid of any stevia taste there is and makes it taste fantastic while still having reduced sugar and calories.